Get mushroomy at the Prahran Markets

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 16 May 2014

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Parahan marketsI LOVE markets! I love the fresh produce, the unique arts and crafts, the jewellery and the interesting things to taste. I’m someone who loves to buy presents early and stash them away for upcoming birthdays and Christmas. It all starts in January ‘cause I’m someone who likes to avoid stress and enjoy important dates knowing I’m well prepared with something really great on hand to give.

Tomorrow, it’s all about the taste! I’m heading to the Prahran Markets in Victoria and first stop is joining Vikki Leng in the Blanco Kitchen for her “Vibrant Vegetarian Cooking Show”. It’s that time of year when I need some inspiration in the kitchen. It’s getting cold and new seasonal produce is coming onto the market. Tomorrow’s event shines a spotlight on the power of mushrooms – there’s no better food!

Plenty of Mushrooms

Vikki’s planning to demonstrate some quick and easy ways to enjoy them and reap the health benefits. I’m wondering which mushroom dish is going to appeal the most? A Carnival of Mushrooms (intriguing!), Oven Roasted Mushrooms with Pumpkin Polenta (yum!), A Medley of Mushrooms with Pumpkin Polenta (love the sound of this) and Gnocchi with Balsamic Glazed Chilli Mushrooms (wow!). Which one will you choose? Get the recipes from Vikki at the Prahran Markets tomorrow from 10am to 1pm.

And if all that makes you hungry you can go and have a chat with the Prahran Markets mushroom expert, Damian Pike at Damian Pike Wild Mushrooms and buy a bag of mushrooms and kick start your next meal!





A good summary

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 7 March 2014

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Sometimes when I am being carried along in the great flood of information that is an everyday part of our world, I come across some little gems of information. Quite often the information that I value has to do with health or food. The following infographic happily brings together the two elements of health and food (and it just so happens to cover a favourite food – mushrooms).

Have a read and let me know what you think.



One of the reasons I love Summer Mushrooms

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 15 November 2013

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I love summer – the weather, the beach, time with friends, good fun and good food.


When it comes to Summer Mushrooms, what I love is the great food in keeping with the season. I also really enjoy working with some of Australian’s best known food bloggers. They are a creative bunch that really enjoy what they do.

Today I saw a fantastic Summer Mushroom post from Delicieux. What made it so great was that the recipe just leapt off the page; I was hungry and I wanted it now. What was it? Well it was Mushroom, Lemon and Lentil Salad.

While this may look like a decidedly winter dish, the sharp brightness and freshness of lemon really brings this Mushroom, Lemon and Lentil Salad into summer. It’s a healthy, light and easy salad that is perfect to bring along to your next bbq or summer picnic.


When you buy your mushrooms to whip up this great salad, don’t forget to keep your receipt. Head on over to our Summer Mushrooms competition; fill in the entry details and you could be in the running for some great travel prizes. It’s that easy and a great way to make mushrooms your passport to good health and great holidays….


Summer Mushrooms – your passport to good health

by Mushroom Enthusiast on 11 November 2013

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It might be dreary and raining where I live, but the one thing that is brightening up the gloom is that today marks the start of Summer Mushrooms.

Tahiti looks nice

  • We have our great recipe ideas to inspire and satisfy;
  • We have some of Australia’s best known food bloggers giving us their take on summer mushroom recipes;
  • And we have a great travel competition that could mean mushrooms are your passport to good health this summer.

So, check out what we are up to. And don’t forget to hold that shopping docket when you buy your mushrooms and enter to WIN.

Now if we could just do something about the weather……


It’s Movember and no doubt we should all brace ourselves for the sudden outbreak of additional facial hair among the male of the species. Now while we can all have a chuckle over the sometimes comical change of appearance, it does serve as a great reminder to turn our attention to men’s health.Mighty with moustache 2

Quite often our men can be on the stoic side and pay only cursory attention to their wellbeing, so now is the time….

Did you know that every year 22,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in Australia? Sadly close to 3,300 Australian men will die of prostate cancer, which is equal to the number of women that die annually from breast cancer. Thankfully early detection and treatment now offers a “cure” for prostate cancer.

And over here at mushrooms, we are doing our bit for men with research finding out more about the potential of mushrooms to assist in the prevention of prostate cancer.

The unique nature of mushrooms makes them a great food to maintain overall good health as they are nutrient rich, have low energy density, are high in bioactive compounds and have a positive immune effect. More specifically in terms of cancer prevention, mushrooms contain compounds that suppress the enzyme that is thought to play a role in the development of prostate cancer.

So there you have it. Mushrooms are not only a great tasting addition to the daily meal, but they are also a healthy addition for blokes everywhere.

If you would like to know more about mushroom nutrition please check out our Fact Sheets HERE.

If you would like to inspire your moustache wearing BBQ genius to throw a few more mushrooms on the BBQ over summer, then check out some of our delicious recipe suggestions.


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Time to get stuffing

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